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If your laptop or computer breaks down or gets damaged, it likely puts a hold on everything else. Not having access to the internet and your other files can be extremely stressful. If you are in this situation, don't wait to get your computer fixed and your life back in order. Plymouth Computer Repair offers the kind of laptop and PC repair Plymouth turns to for quick and reliable service. We honestly diagnose and quickly repair computers that have fallen into disrepair. It's important to pick the right doctor when you get sick-- now you can be sure to receive the same attention and professionalism from those who revive your computers!

PCs and laptops are prone to breaking. There are many components inside a computer that can become dislodged or get out of alignment. Small problems, physically and virtually, can turn into large problems later. We offer the breadth of knowledge to repair all brands of laptops and desktop PCs, including Macs.

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Leap Motion Mobile Platform Embraces Virtual and Augmented Reality

Leap promises to deliver the most advanced hand tracking system for untethered devices.
Leap Motion

Leap Motion today unveiled a new system for virtual and augmented reality.

The Leap Motion Mobile Platform, created specifically for untethered devices, promises to meet the next-generation needs of VR and AR users when it comes to tracking hand and finger movements.

“The challenges to build a tracking platform in this space have been immense,” Leap Motion CTO David Holz wrote in a blog entry, explaining the process.

“We needed to build a whole new Leap Motion sensor with higher performance and much lower power,” he said. “We needed to make the most sophisticated hand-tracking software in the world run at nearly 10 times the speed, all while making it smoother and more accurate than ever before.”

Leap Motion Mobile Platform

He also claims the company’s new sensor addresses “the biggest request from the VR community”: field of view.

Leap Motion currently boasts a PC hand tracking peripheral of the same name with a field of view of 140 by 120 degrees. This new, untethered system will feature the “absolute maximum” range for a single sensor: 180 by 180 degrees.

The San Francisco startup, initially focused on PC-connected sensor technology, in 2014 jumped on the virtual reality bandwagon with an add-on for the Oculus Rift. Early this year, it introduced the Orion software aimed at improving natural and finger input in simulated scenarios.

Leap has also built a reference design (above), made to work on top of the Samsung Gear VR; the system will be on display at major VR events this month.

“This is the beginning of an important shift towards mobile and ubiquitous wearable displays that will eventually be as easy and casual to use as a pair of glasses,” Holz said. “The ultimate result of which will be the merging of our digital and physical realities.”

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